Monday, December 30, 2013

Blog changes

As the new year approaches, I felt the need for a change in my blog. I decided to come back to blogger for two reasons. One, on my wordpress blog, there are ads at the end of my blog posts. Slight annoyance. I didn't want to pay for the ad removal upgrade at the moment. Two, I couldn't customize the look of my blog too much on wordpress without paying.

Also, I was getting a lot of unknown followers every time I would post. I checked all their profiles to see if I knew anyone, and had no clue. Little concerned about that. I like to keep this blog open, but I remember not getting lots of unknown followers using blogger, so I'm coming back. I may tweak the template a little, get a different header with a picture, etc, but here's the look for now.

I feel prompted to journal more of my daily, simple blessings on this blog. Something about writing it down helps me to keep the eternal perspective bright and in focus. I've been going through some rough patches, and I need to be active in seeking the sunshine, and nurturing my soul. Blogging about my daily events and family is a blessing:)

So to start off, here's the blessings of today:

I took the day at a slower pace. I spoke slowly and softly with my children, my young rascals:)

I looked into their eyes while they spoke to me. 

I had a moment of peace while reading to Kevin on my lap from our favorite Curious George book. 

Instead of worrying about the mess, I let my toddler get out some board games and open them up. She happily played with the cards and pieces, then sang 'clean up' to herself while putting them away. 

I watched Ethan wet his hair, and find joy in combing and styling his hair for the first time. He did many different styles, and said 'look at me, Mom' every time. He's so handsome.

Simple and beautiful moments, waiting to be savored. I'm thankful my eyes were open today, and recognized these moments. 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Sallie (Not sure why this says Unknown.)