Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just waiting

Went to the OB today, and I’m a 2-3, which is better than a tight 2, yes! I’m scheduled for induction this Monday morning. Feels surreal. Monday, our family will get just a little bigger. I’m ready for Brooke to come out. These last few weeks are the hardest. Lots of tossing and turning at night, trying to get comfy, but I really have nothing to complain about. No swelling, didn’t throw up once this entire pregnancy, and just minimal heartburn. I’m so thankful for easy pregnancies, so grateful, but I’m looking forward to feeling in shape again.

Random things I’m addicted to at the moment that don’t hold a candle of importance in the eternal perspective of things:

  • Pinterest. Gosh, I’ve collected so many great ideas there, for homeschooling, recipes, Sunday bag activites for the boys, and the list goes on. Such an awesome site, and I’m terribly addicted and need therapy.
  • “Inside the Actors Studio”. Love, love watching this show at night in bed on my phone. Terribly addicted. I just find it highly fascinating. Things you’d never know about Hugh Jackman from watching him in “X-men”; he has a thick Australian accent, has a radiant smile that he flashes all the time, is a broadway star with a huge singing voice and incredible vibrato, and dances up a storm. Not quite the impression you’d get from Wolverine. The Robin Williams episode was a riot. The guy is seriously talented, and his mind goes so very, very fast with his humor. Not always clean, but incredibly talented.

Blessings that have happened recently:

  • I had an angel friend who came today to clean my carpets. Heaven.
  • We had an unexpected and wonderful short visit from Shaun’s Aunt Sandy. She took the boys and me out to dinner. Such a wonderful thing when that happens. We usually get spoiled by family about once a year. Not having hardly any family contact makes me appreciate it so very, very much when we get a little treat visit here and there. It’s wonderful!
  • Found a great, new dresser for the boys on craigslist.
  • Found Shaun’s Christmas present on craigslist. Made the mistake of taking Ethan with me to get it, while Shaun was home with Kevin. As soon as we got home, Ethan blurts out to Shaun “We got a bike for you!” So much for surprises, oh well.
  • Didn’t go into labor before the primary program last Sunday, and got to play piano for the program. Whew!

I just can’t stop thinking about how things are going to be a little different next week. I’m trying to spend good time with the boys, knowing that I will have to balance time with three soon. Can’t seem to meal plan for the life of me for the next few weeks. Racing to get some shopping done before I’m stuck at home for a bit. Dreaming of next week’s bliss of Shaun being home for a week. Absolute heaven!

Here’s a little pic of Ethan and I hanging out in my room for quiet time. Love that boy. He did so great on his little line for the primary program. I love tickling him, and tossing him around on the bed. Kevin is adorable, too. Getting more talkative, and getting closer to the big 3 years old! We’ll be getting bunk beds soon for the boys, and that should be fun.



So, here’s to a great weekend, listening to General Conference and getting spiritually fed, packing a little suitcase for the hospital, and having an adventure there. Hope she comes out ok, and everything goes well.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Fall Garden


Hooray for the fall season, which means a second chance at gardening! I learned a lot this summer. First off, I wiped out my tomato plants from over watering them. The leaves got tons of black spots, turned yellow and crusty, and disintegrated. It was a sad sight. The soil they are planted in is rich and wonderful in nutrients and retains moisture quit well. So, I don’t need to water them 4 times a day!

Also, I didn’t have problems with hornworms this year. It was the dang birds! They kept jumping into the garden, and flying off with cherry tomatoes. The boys and I saw this happening from the kitchen windows, as we ate. I had to resist yelling “Shoot it!” whenever one would hop in there, trying to be a good mom. I heard that you have to pick the tomatoes before the birds get it.

The winners this year turned out to be the peppers! They survived the mass watering. I did have problems with bugs eating the leaves and holes in the peppers. I went down to Leslie Doyle’s house, (tomato lady), and asked how to use her bug dust properly. Apparently, I wasn’t using enough dust in my spray bottle. Now, the back of the leaves are covered with the spray, and so far, the bugs are taking a break on the peppers.

Here’s regular bell peppers:


Flexum peppers, my favorite. I love slicing these up, and throwing them in the freezer to use later. These peppers do so well in the desert!


Its so wonderful to have herbs again! Below are mint, thyme, and chives.


The little arrangement of two tomato plants, (which will be done by November, or the first frost), some broccoli, and romaine lettuce.


My grapevine finally started to come back to life. Dang spider mites destroyed it for the whole summer. I’ve got to talk to people in town who grow grapes amazing, and learn their secrets!


Some humble little basil, which may grow quite massive. Can’t believe how huge this herb can get!


Broccoli! This stuff can grow all winter long. I learned from some people at Star Nursery that you just cut off the main head when its medium size, and side shoots will keep coming up, bringing more broccoli. Sweet!


The freak, amazing tomato plant that grew out of the desert soil. Have no clue how this happened!


And, here’s some growth after I sprayed the plants with the kelp spray. They get big quick!




Love how huge this Lantana plant gets each year!


Such a great sight, ah!


So, next year, don’t over water the tomatoes! Now, I’m only watering them twice a day for 5 minutes. They seem to like that better.

2 weeks left till Brooke comes! Hoping to get induced on the 3rd. I’m wondering if she’s going to take 13 hours to come out, like the boys did. I just get so dang hungry by the 6-8 hour. Gotta eat! Trying to enjoy the last, few nights of a full nights rest. Oh, sleep, I will miss you so much. I hope I can function to take care of the boys. Lots of prayers and striving for more simplicity in the home. I got some wonderful Laura Scudder’s peanut butter and organic strawberry jam for super sandwiches. They tasted so good.

Just praying to not go into labor before the primary program this Sunday, and to finish editing the wedding pictures. I know that I will probably not be getting up at 5am when Brooke is here, but its still nice to do that now.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rain and other happy things

I love the rain. We rarely get it in the desert, so it’s a big deal when we have rainy weather. It makes me so very happy. Boys love it, too. Here’s a clip from yesterday.

The boys have been playing better together, just horsing around and being boys. I think this video is darling. Still working on the hitting factor, but you know.

3 weeks left, ahh!! 3 weeks, and then we’ll experience a big change. I keep hearing that going from two to three kids is hard. I’m bracing myself. I’m searching for simple recipes and more crock pot recipes, so I’ll be off my feet more.

I sorted and organized the girl clothes we’ve received into three huge storage bins. Such a blessing. I looked at all the pink and purple cuteness, and got excited to play dress up. I put some clothes in Kevin’s closet. A bunch of pink next to browns, blues and reds. Such a contrast.

Is there anything I need to know that will help our transition into three kids? Anything to help the other kids with the new baby? Do tell, I could use all the help I can getSmile

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good parenting

Lately, my favorite thing to do at night, after everyone is asleep, is watch episodes of “Inside the Actors Studio” on YouTube, on my phone in bed. Its great fun. The actors get interviewed by James Lipton, in front of an audience of actor students. I just love hearing the stories of how these actors began their journey, and what they’ve learned.

I was watching the interview with John Trovolta, and loved what he said about his parents. His parents worshipped the ground he and his other siblings walked on. They made their kids feel like they were amazing. John would be taking out the trash, and his Mom would say to his Dad, “Look, isn’t he a borderline genius?” John would ‘perform’ for hours, lip-syncing to the radio, and his parents would sit in their chairs, watching and applauding, giving great accolades of praise.

John said that he had such confidence in himself from his parents, and it couldn’t be shaken. At his first audition for an acting job, the people told him that he had no future in show business. To which John thought, “ I walked away thinking they were absolutely nuts. I thought, ‘what a silly bunch of people’.” To which James Lipton commented, “That’s good parenting.”

I loved that. I thought about how I could be more to my sweet boys, and help them realize that they are awesome, each and every day. This week, Ethan was using the bathroom, and then decided to do a thorough job of cleaning the toilet. Why he wanted to do it naked is another story, but he was having a great time just scrubbing away with the toilet wand. (This kid loves to be naked, especially outside in the backyard. I just laugh, and try to remember these funny chapters.)

Anyways, I told him how amazing the toilet looked, that its never been so clean, and that he did a great job. I want my boys  to have that confidence in themselves that John had. Kids look so much to the parents for approval and love. They are so tender, and are just trying to learn how to be good, and enjoy this life. I hope I can stress less about dumb stuff, open my eyes more, and see the full picture. To see how wonderful these little souls are, and that they are here on earth to do great things.

Monday, September 5, 2011

One more month!

Well, it’s getting closer to d-day, the arrival of Brooke! Can’t believe it. I have one more month left. She’s due October 8th, and she’s kicking and moving all the time. I love to stop and watch my stomach when she’s really moving. It’s still fun to see that. Ethan felt her move for the first time, and got excited. We got a nice swing off craigslist last week. Hard to keep the from boys sitting in it, so it went in the garage for now. All we need now are some new dressers from garage sales or craigslist, some binkys, some socks, and I think that’s it. I think we’re ready for the new chapter of learning to balance three kids. I thinkSmile

I figure the rest of the year after she arrives, we’ll be in survival mode. House may be a wreck, meals might be simple, but we’ll just try to get by on no sleep and figuring out how the heck to parent three kids. It’s going to be good times. I’ll just be thrilled to sleep on my stomach again, and get a little energy back.

I keep wondering what Brooke will be like. Will she be tall like Shaun, and tower over me in the future? I hope and pray she gets my hair. Before kids came along, my hair was much curlier, and it would be a blast for her to have that. I just hope she comes ok, and is healthy.

By the way, here’s a shot of me so you can see my largenessSmile


I try to walk on the treadmill to be ready for the labor. Happens about twice a week. Always feels great afterwards. Ready to eat a little healthier after she comes. Still gotta have pumpkin cheesecake for the holidays! I’ve just been trying to get through the heat of August. We go out a little in the morning, help the boys get some energy out, then we lay low with the a/c going at home, doing stuff for quiet time, me passing out into a nap with Ethan on my bed watching a show. I’ve been trying to do school stuff each day with him during quiet time, but I’m so pooped in the afternoon. We’ll get there.

Had the most wonderful weekend with Shaun being home. I had a wedding to shoot at the temple. So lucky! I kept dreading that I would go into labor or something, and not be able to show up. Thankfully, it went wonderful and smooth. I came home, and got super sick from Kevin’s cold he passed to me. It was such a blessing that I got sick after the wedding. Ethan, Kevin and I were all sick with colds. Well, Kevin got better as Ethan and I got it. Just used the gosh darn awesome oils 3 times a day, and three days later, Kevin was better, as Ethan and I got it. Shaun took care of us all, let me rest, slaved around the house doing laundry, dishes, and being the best husband on the planet. Love him so much.

So, it’s September, and I’m so excited for the Fall season! Isn’t it such a magical time? Bring on the crockpot soups!! Love my soup recipes I found last year. So good. So excited for the weather to be under 100 degrees. To be able to go to the park in the afternoon with the boys. Happy thoughts.