Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brooke darling


Time for a Brooke post:)




I’m so in love with these pictures. I took these about a month ago. I placed Brooke down infront of the budding trees, saw what my camera was doing to the backdrop, and freaked out. Love it. Love the sun shining behind her.

Brooke is getting bigger and more talkative. She’s such a cute, little girl. Such different mannerisms than the boy’s have. She’s not walking yet, but getting closer every day. Here’s some things about her now:

  • She knows what to do with necklaces and bracelets. She quickly puts them on and starts crawling around proudly wearing her jewelry. So dang cute.
  • When I carry her, she will lay her head on my shoulder, and just want to be held. It’s so very heavenly.
  • She has the sweetest giggle, and the softest cry.
  • She gets a little feisty at mealtimes, and will throw her bowl and cup down with vigor.
  • She giggles when the boys pick her up and carry her around.
  • She does sign language quite often now. Mostly eat, sleep, and more.
  • She is now in the nursery class at church, and is doing pretty good.

I’m just so thankful to have at least one girl in our family. I don’t want her to be spoiled at all, but I do teach the boys the importance of treating a lady correctly, opening doors for her, and respecting women. I tell the boys that they are her protectors and friends. Ladies always get fed first at the table. I wish I could put more boys and clips in her hair, but she usually will pull them off quick. Maybe when she gets older.

The month of April flew by! I have a load of stuff to catch up on for this blog. Can’t believe summer is almost here. Here’s a few things:

  • We took the boys to the Monster Truck jam here in town. It was so fun for them to see really huge trucks.
  • The boys did a little horseback riding learning for a bit.
  • The garden is taking off, and the tomato plants are starting to get that amazon jungle look. Yea!
  • We got an above ground pool from Costco, and are so incredibly thankful for a way to cool off this summer. Have gone over safety rules constantly with the boys.
  • I had a wonderful senior photo session last weekend, and applied a lot of things I learned from my studying. Pictures turned out so beautiful, and I am forever grateful for being prepared.
  • I had the blessing of attending my friend’s Herb academy again. I was reminded about the importance of herbal tinctures, liquid medicine, and have begun making them again. I love learning about the healing powers of herbs, and how they can help my family right away when we are sick. It’s the best.

I’m sure there are more, but the sun is rising fast. Got to accomplish another day of meal preparation, school time, loving the kids, and getting a tiny bit of rest to make it through the day. Wishing you all a beautiful day. Take the time to slow down and be in the moment. Such a hard thing to do sometimes, but so wonderfully rewarding.

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  1. I was visiting my sister in Las Vegas last week. I really wish I had had time to see you. God bless!