Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why I love being a Mom

Mother’s day was special. Shaun spoiled me rotten with some new kitchen items, and an umbrella for our backyard. Packages kept coming to our home that I was told not to open yet:)

The boys were darling in church, singing with all the kids mother’s day songs. At the end of one song, where they sang ‘dear mother, like you.’, Kevin pointed right at me while he was singing. Cracked me up. He’s so funny.

Here’s a little picture tribute to my sweet mom, who I miss dearly. I remember these boxes of all her stuff very well.


She taught me so much, and how to be a kind mom. Selfless. Giving. She was wonderful.

I’ve only been a mom for 5 years, and still have much to learn, but here’s a few things why I love being a mom.

I get to be with them everyday, and see all their little quirks, emotions, and smiles.

I can sit down and hold them anytime. Nothing should stand in the way of just holding them, and giving them tickles.

I can read them stories at night, and tuck them into bed with their favorite blankets and stuffed animals. Ethan’s bed is filled with his stuffed animal friends. Kevin has his blankets, and I love this stage.

I can smile at them, and help them know that they are loved dearly. They have a home that is a safe haven for them, and they can explore their backyard, digging in dirt, and splashing in the pool.

I can make ice cream for them, and it totally makes their day. Simple vanilla ice cream. Perfect.

Oh, there’s so much more, but I love being their mom, and trying to teach them how to be kind, like my Mom taught me.

One thing I love seeing them do daily now:


We got a pool to help survive the awful summer heat this year. We go over the safety rules often with them, but they love the pool. I love being out there watching them, and seeing them splash and laugh.

Brooke likes hers, too:)


Here’s a few more shots from our daily life:













And now, I need to go take care of them. Early mornings sure do fly by fast. The days are so short. Trying to make each moment count:)


  1. You have the sweetest family. It makes my heart melt!!

  2. You have the sweetest family. It makes my heart melt!!